The Winner is in! Sometimes it is better not to think outside of the box!

OK, so here it is. After slaving in a hot kitchen making 4, that’s right 4 batches of cupcakes. The critics have spoken. Well at least a house full of teenagers have spoken. What started out as a simple taste test for my family, turned out to be for my family and all of their friends. I am sure my son’s girlfriend had the best intentions, when she told some friends, I was making cupcakes on her way to work. Well, no lie, within 15 minutes, there was a knock on my door, and three of my son’s friends stood there with goofy smiles. As they stood there smiling, I must have had a strange look on my face, because one spoke up and said, “Can we come in? We were told you were baking cupcakes?”

I guess the more opinions, the more accurate the final vote would be. So, the day was spent with cupcakes being tasted shortly after coming out of the oven. With many, many more tastings through out the day, just to be sure.

Note: As one of the cakes called for Buttermilk, I decided to use buttermilk for all 4 just to keep all ingredients the same. Buttermilk replaced water in the box mixes. I also used melted butter in place of the oil in the box mixes as both homemade recipes called for butter and not oil.



#4 Betty Crocker White Cake Mix

     This was unanimously the least favorite.  Too moist and so crumbly that one bite made it fall in pieces

#3 Homemade #1                                                                                                                                               This cake was not a hit with any of the judges and barely beat out the Betty Crocker cake. This cake was very dense and dry.

#2 Homemade #2                                                                                                                                               This cake received a lot of praise.It was very moist, medium density. Definitely a good cake for stacked tiers. I think what caused this cake to be 2nd runner up was it was not as moist as the winner, which is what seemed to be the most important deciding factor.


Pillsbury White Cake Mix!!!!17425835_10212326482666419_8075035102855557970_n

Yes, that’s right. A boxed cake mix won. 6 out of 7 choose this as their favorite. Including one, whose mother would never make a box cake, so he only ate homemade, and thought I was pulling his leg when I told him it was from a box! The most comments received on this one were  “light and moist”

So, the judges have spoken! I will not feel so bad now, when I grab the box out of the cupboard the next time I make a cake.

Oh and the yummy goodness on top. An American Buttercream made with Half, yes Half, the sugar as every other recipe I have seen!!!! I for one always scrap the buttercream off, as I can not stand the sickly sweet taste. But, boy oh boy, this new recipe was so yummy. I was dancing around with the spoon actually singing, “Yummy yummy in my tummy! ” Don’t worry, the recipe will cometh forward in a future post!

For now, I will leave you to your own demons, as you decide if you are going to hope from the homemade train to the box train. Ultimately it should be what based on the taste of the person who the cake is for. Case in point, if I am making a cake for my youngest son, this debate does not matter, because he only wants an Ice Cream cake.

Hmm? I wonder who would win, Baskin Robbins or Homemade? Dang it, well until next time, Hold My _______!