The Never Ending “VS” debate!

There are always going to be those heated debates where people just can not agree. For their own reasons they believe they are right. But is anyone right when it comes to opinions? If someone likes blue instead of red, is there a right or wrong? There are so many things to take in to consideration when decided what you like. It isn’t a cut and dry process, now is it?

Now, before everyone starts posting comments on how this is healthier than that, and such nonsense, please know, this is not a healthy eating post! Seriously, if I wanted to talk health wise, I would be writing about a salad, not yummy, Oh that’s so good, now watch it go to my hips, CAKE!!!! We all know, to be healthy, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, taste free(sorry just my two cents) that it needs to be homemade.

So let’s put all the healthy debates aside and base this off of what cake is meant to be! Fattening, Delicious and heck, I will eat more than one piece and not feel bad about it till tomorrow!

So with that in mind, I decided to do a little taste test with my wonderful family (yes, that was sarcastic, but at the end of the day once they are asleep, I love them!). Let the Box Vs Homemade Cake challenge begin!

Now of course the first thing to do is your homework. No I don’t mean that algebra paper your child asked for help on and you have avoided it because you can not for the life of you remember why the hell math has letters in it. I mean seriously, why do we need to know If X equals Y and T is for Tommy, that I have 2 3/4 apples for lunch. UHH? I mean eating homework. Yes that’s right homework where you have to eat cake!!!! How wonderful!

I was talking to a friend once who told me she couldn’t stand homemade cake. I, also prefer box cake (doctored of course) so we got into a animated conversation about it. (We are both loud people so yea, our conversations are animated to say the least!) Than she made the comment that stopped me in my tracks. “It only took one time to ruin it for me for good.” Wait..back up a minute. Yes you heard it right, she based her whole view on ONE single bad cake. To make matters worse, upon questioning her more, it turns out it was the only time she had homemade. Uhh, NO!!

Sorry friend, but you can not make an educated taste decision based off of one recipe. You have to try different ones. That would be like me saying I don’t like chicken and dumplings because I had a bad plate at a restaurant. Never will happen!!! I will just know not to eat chic’n’dumplins at that restaurant again. It is the same thing with both Box and Homemade cake. You need to try a few and then decide if and which one you like the best.

So here is the homework.

1)Go out and buy a few brands of box mix…2,3 or how ever many you feel like baking. Don’t worry, I have a surprise for all that extra “I didn’t like that” cake.

2) Find a few homemade recipes that sound good or have gotten a lot of reviews. If you have some favorite web people, choice their stuff. I follow 4 you-tubers that I know won’t lead me down a dark path,so I will whip up their recipes!

3)Bake away!!!!! Make cakes or cupcakes, the choice is up to you. I recently got one of those little brownie pans from Wilton along with some square cupcake liners (so cute so cute). So I will bake my mixes in small square cakes. But, you do what you think will work for you.

4)Frost with your favorite frosting (a debate post on that coming up also)

5)Invite a group of people to taste each one and let the majority rule!

Remember, unless you are baking a cake for yourself, it is always the kind thing , to bake a cake the person it is for likes. So even if you prefer box but they adore your homemade chocolate cake, then for goodness sake, bake the poor soul the chocolate cake!!!

Ok see you back in a little to discuss what we all found out!